Clean Step Front Door Mat

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Clean Step Super-Absobent Front Door Mat

Clean Step Front Door Mat, "Stops Dirt and Water in its Tracks!" Helps to eliminate pets tracking in!  No stitching so no fraying or unraveling! 

The high-quality cotton structure absorbs liquid in an instant, while the microfiber locks in the dirt and muck. Stop the sand, snow, grass, leaves, pine needles, and road salt at the door. This mat is so absorbent that you can also use it as a shower mat!

Anti-Skid NEOPRENE backing that's safe on all floors unlike a traditional rubber backed mat that can stain or even yellow expensive floors. No funny odor or rubber smell.

Our Ultra thin mats will fit under almost any door. They are lightweight, 100% Machine washable and low temp dryer safe as well.

NOTE: Clean Step Front Door Mat will not reach maximum absorbency until it's 3rd or 4th wash cycle.

Material: 55%cotton/45%microfiber
Size: 45x70cm

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