Kraft Paper Washable Storage Bag

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Kraft Paper Washable Storage Bag

These Specially Treated Kraft Paper washable storage bags are Washable,  Water-resistant and Reusable!

Not only are they fashionable and functional, but they are also a stylish storage/presentation/decoration/gift solution. They are non-toxic, so they can also be used as a food container, planter, make up organizer, brush holder, toiletry bag, garment bag, and so much more.

Open your imagination to fully use it and give your boring storage containers a rejuvenating makeover with these 100% vegan, eco-friendly paper bags.

Our washable storage bag ships to you flattened. To make it stand, simply open the bag, roll or fold down the opening edge of the bag till reaching the perfect height for your needs. If you find the opening edge is too stiff to fold down, just toss the bag into some water at room temperature for a few seconds, and then fold it while it's still damp.

Don't forget, these bags are storage-friendly – The bag is a space saver and can be flattened completely for storage purposes. Easy to fold and carry, light-weight good for travel, business trip, picnic, vacation, etc.

If you have a spill, don't worry, you can easily hand-wash with care in warm water, try not to brush, dry in a cool place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Oh, and please do not soak the bag (excessive water may change the shape of the bag). The creases on the bag are normal, meant to be adding a natural rustic look to the bag. But if you want to remove the crease completely, simply iron it flat at low-temperature setting.

3 Great colours and 3 useful sizes:

  • Small size:       10x10x15cm
  • Medium size:  15x15x28cm
  • Large size:       20x20x35cm

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