White Marble Benchtops from Macedonia - 5sqm slabs

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White Marble Benchtops from Macedonia - 5sqm slabs

The whiteness of the marble, its homogenous form, and the micro-granular structure generate a quality of the highest standard. The Macedonian Bianco range is regularly selected to give the characteristic, exclusive appearance in many large, well-known project including hotels, commercial buildings and homes. Offering lifetime elegance and unique beauty, natural stone is undoubtedly one of Mother Nature's most precious creations.

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Our luxurious White Marble Benchtops are imported from the historical quarries of Prilep in Northern Macedonia. First discovered by the Romans in around 500BC, this marble is prized for it's resilience and beautiful veined pattern. This is the same marble that was used to build the Emperor Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia.

Whether you are looking to update your entrance foyer or your kitchen benchtop, this versatile White Marble is for you.

We are selling this exquisite White Marble for only AUD $350 per sqm, plus delivery, with a minimum purchase of 5 sqm. We are certainly able to look at discounts for larger projects requiring more marble. Please use the form about to give us information about your project, and we will contact you for an obligation-free discussion to see how we can help your exciting project.

We are only offering this marble for sale in Australia.


The origins of our Macedonian Marble

Our marble is quarried from the southwest slopes of the Prilep Municipality in Macedonia. The dolomite marble contains multiple calcite veins with idiomorphic crystals of corundum and rutile. Open veins are often filled with  fluorite and calcite.

The mainly calcite composition is recognised by its characteristic swirls and veins derived from various mineral impurities, originally present as grains or layers. Of mid range hardness, our Macedonian Marble is highly desirable and is ideally suited for bathroom tops, walls, flooring and kitchen benchtops.


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